About OPEC

Who Are We?

Established in 1980, OPEC designs, develops, innovates, builds and services machinery and systems to help make the environment we operate in a cleaner place.

Our product range and expertise has helped many organisations and individuals succeed in improving water quality whilst in most cases saving money and increasing profitability.

Our ability to solve problems and improve processes is what makes us stand out from the rest to make a real difference.

Our Mission

To provide products and services which ensure a sustainable and achievable cleaner environment for future generations.

41 Years Experience

Since incorporation the team at OPEC have visited almost every industry sector in all 4 corners of the world. Our experience is paramount to the depth and understanding of the complexities of pollution and the consequences of not adopting the correct solutions available in the market place. We take pride in the implementation of successful systems which clearly demonstrate tangible changes to the environment and the bottom line.

Why Choose Us?

It takes years to build reputation and only one bad judgement to bring you down. After a lifetime of building we can reflect on what make us stand out from the crowd;

  • Quality – Cutting corners is not what we do
  • Innovation - We embrace continuous improvement
  • Focus - Every customer is unique to us
  • Diversity – Not every solution can be found out of a box
  • Consistency – Every project whether large or small is important to us
  • Honesty – If we don’t know, we will find someone who does

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