OPEC have been finding solutions for fog challenges for forty years. The OPEC fats, oil and grease skimmer is an innovative solution for the removal of fats, oils and greases from industrial wastewater.

VIDEO: The OPEC Fats, Oils & Grease Removal Skimmer For The Food Industry.

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FOG Skimmers

We are the leading mop skimmer manufacturer in the world. We originally developed the skimmer in the 1970’s. Since then we have sold more than 2000 systems throughout the world for numerous applications.

Fog is a major problem for all process industries, particularly bakeries, meat processing and dairies, sauces, ready meals and many other types of industries.

We have a number of options for your skimmer requirements, not just a one size fits all. Contact OPEC to reduce your effluent costs and improve your wastewater quality

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce your waste costs off site.
  • Sell your waste to create a renewable energy.
  • Reduce your effluent costs.
  • Improve your wastewater quality.
  • Proven machinery capable of running 24/7, 1000’s of applications in use across the world.

FOG Skimmers Explained

The OPEC skimmer is used for primary water treatment to remove fog from sumps, drains, balance tanks and other settlement tanks prior to any further water treatment processes. The OPEC mop collects the fats, oils and grease (fog). After it is lifted up into the skimmer it is squeezed off into a separator tank. This then decants excess water back to the sump. A top scraper removes the surface fog on the separator and pushes it over a chute. Depending on the positioning of the container this can then be fed into a large tank, IBC, DOLAV, or drum to dispose of the fog.

Depending on the level of contamination and type of fog you have, in some instances the machinery may also require heat and/or water to wash with nozzles to keep it free of large debris. You may also need to add in other equipment such as screens, chemical treatment tanks, ph correction.

It is designed to operate 24/7.

In many cases we manufacture to order with bespoke accessories to suit the clients needs such as bunded collection tanks, mounting frame work, electrical control gear (panels, sensors etc).

  • Tried and tested design since the 1970’s
  • Uses endless looped mops. No need to join on site using our quick mop install function
  • Low power consumption
  • ATEX Certified zone 1 model available
  • Up to 40m lift
  • Up to 120m length
  • Versatile design – mops deployed either vertically down holes or horizontally across interceptors, lakes etc
  • Can sweep very large areas using pulley or guide rollers
  • Not affected by floating debris
  • Works 24/7
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rugged hard wearing components to withstand tough environments
  • After sales support and service contracts
  • Large stock of spare parts available for next day delivery