OPEC railway protection trays. Collect oil drips from standing trains, protect the railway ballast, eliminate railway track oil pollution.

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Rail Track Protection – RTP Trays

OPEC’s rail track protection system is a drip tray with a built in separator function. The system is designed to be used in areas where a full drainage system is not in place and not viable. This can be fuelling depots, sidings, maintenance yards and so on.

The RTP Trays also have optional filtration and oil digesting bacteria packages so that the trays can be self maintained to remove occasional drips and leaks which would normally go straight to the ballast underneath.

Each tray is made as a modular design in either 1m or 3m lengths. There are 3 sections per module. One for the middle and two outer edges. The trays are covered using brightly coloured GRP anti-slip flooring.

The trays can be retrofitted with links to drain at one point or to an interceptor if it is required.

Rail Track Protection Trays give you peace of mind. Less expensive than uplifting tracks and inserting a full drainage system but more robust and safer to use than temporary matting or standard drip trays which will not enable oil spills to stop going to ballast.